Introducing OpeNFT : The first community-owned Crypto Art aggregator.

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Who are we?

Founder: @NFTmachine on twitter. Verified repeat top seller on Rarible.

Crew: Rektmerev for UX, artist for Don't Buy $MEME
Jared, founder of Zero Utility ($ZUT), partnered with Matic for L2 scaling


What problem are we solving?

As an artist who actually went through this process it was annoying to say the least, I was a top seller on a platform multiple weeks in a row without being verified. Because I wasn’t verified I didn’t show up in the websites browse category for newcomers to stumble across my work; even though I was every bit as successful as the verified top sellers. This didn’t sit right with me at the time and it still doesn’t.

My response was OpeNFT, a platform where curation of NFTs is run by the community; with no applications, red tape, or backroom deals. We don’t verify who should be on the front page because our community will do it for us, through proper incentives and tokenomics.

Announcing ONFT: Governance token of OpeNFT.

Overview of $ONFT purpose and functionality.

Any user with 1.0 ONFT staked will be able to vote in our daily competitions, the results of which will be used to build out a custom curation algorithm. Voting on the daily competition isn’t just something we expect people to do out of the kindness of their heart, on the contrary. 35% of the tokens supply is reserved for rewarding users who vote daily and engage with the platform, and we will leave a perpetual inflation that wont drop below 1% in order to allow for constant rewarding of users.

Any ONFT in excess of 1.0 can be staked specifically to an artist on the platform that the user wants to support. This increases the artists rankings in our custom algorithm, making it more likely others will see their work; and users are rewarded for staking early on an artist before they blow up in popularity.

A small inflation provided directly to users of the platform ensures that market share will be transferred to active users and away from passive holders.

Presale logistics:

Total Supply at launch will be 250,000. With 15% allocated to presale that gives us 37,500. The team feels confident in capping our presale at ~500k of funds raised; and feel confident we can launch a competitive product with that capital.

This gives us $500,000 / 37,500 ONFT for ~$13.33 presale, or .0074 ETH at $1800 ETH.

37,500 ONFT * .0074 ETH = 277.5 ETH marketcap (500k at today’s price)

If for some reason we don’t have enough demand to meet the $500k target, presale investors will get a price better than .0074 ETH / ONFT

min = 15 ONFT, max = Discretion

Some of our UI work

Artist Profile Page
Competition Page

Other surveys regarding art platform issues:

The first community-owned Crypto Art aggregator